Tatiana Ilichenko

Photo © Moritz Metzner
Website Address: www.tvilichenko.com

Tatiana Ilichenko is a visual artist and filmmaker from Russia, currently based in Berlin.

She works with hybrid forms of video and performance and develops projects with a docu-fictional, site-specific and collaborative approach, bringing together very personal perspectives and heterogeneous voices in a polyphonic manner. Their topics revolve around the articulations of radical experiences of loss, gendered violence and oppression; politics and ethics of visual representation; artistic collaboration; love, care and empathy in the realm of politics and activism; social utopias under post-communist condition; self-organized communities and forms of togetherness; and grotesque, celebration and glamour as a resistance form in marginalized and queer communities.

Tatiana studied Art in Context at the Berlin University of the Arts, visual arts and philosophy at Bard College Berlin, film at the Russian national film school in Moscow, and has an extensive background in dance, performance and physical theater. Her projects have been exhibited and screened at different institutions, art and performance events in Berlin and throughout Europe. Besides, she regularly works in political documentary film and various forms of social organization.