Tomomi Adachi

Photo © Naya Collective

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Why did you decide to take part in this project? What is your interest within the engagement with the „reading format“?

I assume new poetic contents sometimes require updated presentation forms, and vice versa. Mostly I am interested in to invent a new presentation form and derive appropriate poetic contents.

My main interest on language is the phonetic elements, but not phono-centric approach. You may call the aspect as „reading“.


Tomomi Adachi is a performer/composer, sound and visual poet, instrument builder and visual artist. Known for his versatile style, he has performed his own voice and electronics pieces, sound poetry, improvised music and contemporary music, also presented site-specific compositions, compositions for classical ensembles, choir pieces for untrained musicians in all over the world including Tate Modern, Maerzmusik, Centre Pompidou, Poesiefestival Berlin and Walker Art Center.

He has been working with a wide range of materials; self-made physical interfaces and instruments, brainwave, artificial satellite, twitter texts and even paranormal phenomenas. As the only Japanese performer of sound poetry, he performed Kurt Schwitters‘ „Ursonate“ as a Japan premiere in 1996. CDs include the solo album from Tzadik, Omegapoint and naya records. He was a guest of the Artists-in-Berlin Program of the DAAD for 2012.