Daniel Malpica

Photo © Jaime Culebro

Social media: Instagram: @x_written
Twitter: @LosAbisnautas

Why did you decide to take part in this project nominator form?

I’ve been producing literary events for some years, trying to build alternative platforms to experiment with literature and other disciplines Download the Antagonistic Army. An analysis to this practice from a theory perspective could be very positive and helpful in the long run to my own work. Simultaneously, I’m very interested in contribute to that discussion offering a testimony of the challenges that I have walked through in this process, and the scope regarding the situation of transcultural language writers living in Finland infinite lysitus subtitles.

What is your interest within the engagement with the „reading format“?

I believe that literature and poetry reading on a book format is a very personal act Third Love. On stage, I have an special interest in the creation of atmospheres or live pieces involving authors, text, languages and other disciplines.

When it comes to a live literature performance, there are other dimensions of the text itself that appear or can be created 애들이 똑같아요 다운로드. When I’m working with international writers, I aim to build a space where they can acknowledge the existence of potential possibilities and perhaps use them it to external hard.


Daniel Malpica (Mexico City) is a poet, graphic designer and publisher based in Helsinki. He is currently co-director, producer and designer of Sivuvalo project and, between 2011 and 2014, he was co-founder, editor-in-chief, and designer of [Radiador] Magazine rtmpdump 다운로드.

As a poet, producer and multimedia artist he has produced non-conventional literary events in Finland and Mexico. Daniel has participated in many international festivals of experimental poetry and multidisciplinary art, sharing a stage with well-known writers like Amiri Baraka or Michel Houellebecq Magic Bean.
Malpica is author of Paréntesis (RDLPS, 2007), Marduk: Senectus Signum (2009) and Ex-Aether (Molinos de, 2012). His most recent book Se escribe con X (Written with an X) received a grant from the ‚Arts Promotion Centre Finland‘ in 2014 and it remains unpublished Ipin app.