Mathias Traxler

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Why did you decide to take part in this project Download Breeding War? What is your interest within the engagement with the „reading format“?The substantialities and formative relations of poetry, what we perceive as poetic processes, are always presented through performances and readings 싸이월드 파일 다운로드. Every effort and aspiration to wrap literary processes in terms like „hybrid“, „composite beings“ or other declarations, lowers this beauty.


Mathias Traxler, born 1973 in Basel, is a writer and translator, living in Berlin 스타크래프트2 디지털 다운로드. His book “You’re welcome” was published in 2011, and in spring 2016 “Unterhaltungsessays” appeared (both kookbooks Publishing).

His texts regularly appear in literary reviews and anthologies, including “IDIOME Millennium Mambo. Hefte für Neue Prosa”, “randnummer” and “Moderne Poesie in der Schweiz” (Limmat, 2013).

He was awarded the “City of Münster Prize for International Poetry” in 2015, as translator of the works of Charles Bernstein (jointly with Tobias Amslinger, Norbert Lange, Léonce W 굿피플 13회 다운로드. Lupette, VERSATORIUM).
In recent years he has explored numerous reading formats. Of particular importance are text-generating interpretative elements in his readings Kingdom Drama.