Sandra Man

lives and works in Berlin, Vienna and Obervellach. After finishing her studies in literary criticism and philosophy she started working as an author and choreographer Bootdisk download. She writes her texts for room installations and choreographies, they are spoken, sung and read by the audience. She is interested in poetry, language as sound and rhythm, written for voices and dancing bodies 도쿄구울 1기 다운로드. Originating in her sensations and perceptions her poetry circles around the frailty and porosity of bodies, open for transformations in all organic and inorganic directions, from flesh to stone, from cell to planet 심장이 춤춘다 다운로드. The texts are poetic reports of embodiements and at the same time mediations on a world-space that flows through everything. Such a moved and movable space is also the starting point for an understanding of choreography as a space-art, which she is working on together with Moritz Majce Download aida32.

Daniela Seel

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Daniela Seel, born 1974 in Frankfurt/Main, is a poet, translator, editor and publisher of kookbooks ‒ Lab for Poetry as Life Form 저녁의 게임 다운로드. She frequently performs internationally and in collaboration with others. She published two volumes of poetry, ich kann diese stelle nicht wiederfinden (I Cannot Find That Place Again), 2011, and was weißt du schon von prärie (What Do You Know About Prairie Actually), 2015, as well as, together with Frank Kasper, the radio feature was weißt du schon von prärie (What Do You Know About Prairie Actually), SWR/DLF 2015 팬더티비 다운로드. For her work she received numerous grants and awards, e.g. the Art Prize Literature by Lotto Stiftung Brandenburg, the Friedrich Hölderlin Sponsorship Award by the City of Bad Homburg, two working grants by the City of Berlin, a Villa Aurora Fellowship, Los Angeles/CA, and the Reykjavík Residency Grant by the Goethe-Institute Copenhagen 아이오아이 콘서트 다운로드. Some of her poems have been translated into Polish, English, Slovak, Czech, French, Norwegian, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Serbian, Croatian, and Slovenian 좋을텐데 다운로드. Daniela Seel lives in Berlin.


Opening performance for the international CON_TEXT conference.

By and with:
Barbara Philipp (Austria/Netherlands)
Andrea Inglese (Italy/French)
Aleksei Shinkarenko (Belarus)

The Austrian artist Barbara Philipp will together with the Italian author Andrea Inglese and the Belarus photographer Aleksei Shinkarenko gather various material for a day in Berlin 유니티 웹서버 다운로드. After a group evaluation of the gathered material (pictures, sound recordings, drawings, notes, found objects) the collection titled “MSQ–>AMS–>PAR–>TXL” will be presented in different arrays in an evening performance you at the same time. The individual set pieces will be put together in new constallations, where each single constallation can be seen as a possible narrative. Become an archeologist of the present for the evening log filter!

The CON_TEXT project is funded by the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa.

The opening performance is supported by the Österreichisches Kulturforum Berlin Windows support software download.

Marion Breton, Tom Nobrega, Barbara Marcel

Marion Breton, Génération 90. Based in Berlin & born in Paris under the name of Marion — a name her grandpa saw as a bad omen: « Marion 레드벨벳 행복 다운로드? Souillon » / slob/! In response to this initial curse, she sometimes named herself Ablana Thanalba (Hocus Pocus in Hebrew) as if she had to conjure the world and invoke a shared locus (loci, loca, in Latin: uterus) where she develops a special sponge-actor being 블루스택 최신버전 다운로드. She sips and digests all kind of atmospheres and materials: videos, poetry, texts or writings. But, on second thought, she would rather be a slob in her barrel; a barrel where she could pick up and put bits of everyone that she found on her way and realize the conditions of an unproductive life, a Sisyphean reform of inaction 윈도우7 서비스팩2 다운로드.


© privat

Tom Nobrega speaks with an accent even when he speaks his own tongue Naver software download. He uses two hearing aids, has seven titanium nails in his ankle, wears contact lenses and has three artificial teeth. He doesn’t have a home, doesn’t have a cell phone and he is never exactly sure where in the world he is going to be in the next months 쿵후 프리즌 다운로드. He was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but has more than one name and nationalities, including the official, affective, and mythic ones. He is a compulsive traveler and does a lot of not exactly useful things, such as making strange utterances in languages that do not exist, losing an unbelievable amount of objects, finding amulets, reading astrological charts, writing poems, making repetitive gestures and playing instruments he cannot play 안드로이드 아두이노 다운로드. He is currently committing himself to the Unknown University, a mysterious university without a fixed place that guides his steps even when he is not paying attention to it 스튜어트 리틀 1999 다운로드.


© Julian Menand

Barbara Marcel (Rio de Janeiro, 1985) is a filmmaker and visual artist based in Berlin, whose works investigate the relations between nature, its cultural histories and colonial imaginaries kbs 9시 뉴스 다운로드. In her artistic research PhD at the Bauhaus-University in Weimar, Marcel is investigating the essay-film as a historiographical tool for decolonized thinking with and through images, with the Botanical Garden Berlin-Dahlem and its plants being her current material of study 도둑맞곤 못살아 다운로드.

Recent exhibitions include: Tropic Matters V240 Amsterdam (solo show, 2017), Omonoia, Athens Biennial (2016); There will come soft rains, GMK Berlin (2016); Vision and Fear Station, Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig (2015); On Projection, Kühlhaus Berlin (2015); Through the looking screen, 175 Gallery Seoul (2015); Desvenda, Galeria Marta Traba – Fundação Memorial da América Latina, São Paulo (2013); Return to Forever, TZB Gallery of the Czech Centre Berlin (2013) Zeppelin.