at Lettrétage, Mehringdamm 61, 10961 Berlin, at 8pm.


03.11 Pokemon Black 2nds. – 05.11.2017 Closing conference


CON_TEXT I: 21.01 flashget 다운로드. – 27.01.2017 LAB, 27.01.2017 event

Cia Rinne (poet and sound artist, SE/FI) & Gernot Wieland (visual and performance artist, AT)

Documentation: Interview with the artists by Daniela Seel, Dia-Show, Press release (German)


CON_TEXT II: 18.02 Download the dial pad. – 24.02.2017 LAB, 22., 23., 24.02.2017 event

Mathias Traxler (writer, CH) & Harald Muenz (composer, D)

Documentation: Photos, Correspondence between the artists, Impressions by Norbert Lange, Film, Press release (German)


CON_TEXT III: 08.03 Windows Update 1903ed. – 14.03.2017 LAB 14.03.2017 event

Kinga Toth (writer, sound and visual poet, HU) & Doro Billard (visual artist, FR)

Documentation: Photos, Interview with the artists , Impressions by Ricoh Gerbl, Film, Press release (German)


CON_TEXT IV: 06.05 Monument valley. – 12.05.2017 LAB, 12.05.2017 event

Maria A 유니콘 앱 다운로드. Ioannou (writer, CY) & Momo Sanno (dancer and choreographer, RO)



Documentation: Impressions by Sieglinde Geisel, Interview by Érica Zingano, Video, Press release


CON_TEXT V: 01.06 Jurassic World Fallon Kingdom for free. – 07.06.2017 LAB, 07.06.2017 event

Daniel Malpica (poet, graphic designer, MX) & Tomomi Adachi (sound and visual artist, JP)



Documentation: Interview with the artists, Impressions by Sieglinde Geisel, Press release (German), Video


CON_TEXT VI: 14.06 눈동자 다운로드. – 20.06.2017 LAB, 20.06.2017 event

Cristian Forte (sound artist, writer, AR) & Harald Muenz (composer, D)



Documentation: Interview with the artists, Impressions by Sieglinde Geisel, Video, Press release (German)


CON_TEXT VII: 13.07 LogicWorks 5. – 19.07.2017 LAB, 19.07.2017 event

Rike Scheffler (poet, performer, D) & Jochen Roller (choreographer, D)



Documentation: Interview with the artists, Impressions by Florian Neuner, Video, Press release (German)


CON_TEXT VIII: 30.08 오픈캡쳐 8.7 다운로드. – 05.09.2017 LAB, 05.09.2017 event

Charlotte Warsen (writer, painter, D) & Yevgenia Belorusets (visual artist, writer, UA/D)


Documentation: Press release (German), Interview by Daniela Seel with the artists, Impressions by Sieglinge Geisel


CON_TEXT IX: 23.09. – 29.09.2017 LAB, 29.09.2017 event

Érica Zingano (author and performance artist, BR) & Tatiana Ilichenko (RU) & Collaborators



Documentation: Impressions by Sieglinge Geisel, Interview with the artists by Vera Kurlenina (German), Press Release (German), Video


CON_TEXT X: 02.10. – 07.10.2017 LAB, 07.10.2017 event

Gerhild Steinbuch (writer, playwright, AT) & Elisa Müller (performing artist, D)


Dokumentation: Impressions by Christian Gröshel (German), Interview with the artists by Daniela Seel (German), Video




Funded by the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa