Christine Börsch-Supan

Christine Börsch-Supan is a singer, composer and performer. She studied jazz singing and did her Master’s degree in “Digital music production and live electro-music” at the music academy in Würzburg. She continued her education and took masterclasses in free improvisation and new music, as well as dance and bodywork.

Her artistic focus lies in the band HOPE, a four-head triphop/avant-garde pop formation. Founded in 2014 the band played many concerts, published three singles (“raw” 2015, “cell” 2016, “kingdom” 2017), as well as the album “Hope”. Co-operations with VJs and film. Christine Börsch-Supan lives and works in Berlin. Besides HOPE she composes, sings and dances for theater and dance productions, as well as multi-discipline performances.