Florian Neuner

© Jörg Gruneberg

Florian Neuner was born 1972 in Wels, Austria; lives as a writer in Berlin. He works as a journalist for organisations such as Deutschlandradio; he and Ralph Klever publish the magazine Idiome. Hefte für Neue Prosa, devoted to advanced prose that goes beyond narrative clichés; he is also a member of the artists‘ union MAERZ in Linz, where he is curator of the literary programme maerz_sprachkunst. Neuner began publishing volumes of prose in 2001, in which montage techniques played an increasingly important role, culminating in Zitat Ende (2007). In recent years he has been intently studying the Ruhr District; he and Thomas Ernst have collaborated on two anthologies of regional literature: Europa erlesen: Ruhrgebiet (2009) and Das Schwarze sind die Buchstaben (2010). His latest publications are Ruhrtext. Eine Revierlektüre (2010), Satzteillager (2011), Moor (oder Moos) (2013), Inseltexte (2014) and Drei Tote (2017). In 2016 he published Chris Bezzel’s experimental novel namor and edited a volume on the Austrian writer Christian Steinbacher. In 2015 he taught at the Zurich University of the Arts. Together with the composer Harald Muenz and the Cologne based ensemble sprechbohrer he curated the project Autorenmusik with the intention to create a new repertoire of soound poetry. Neuner is currently concentrating on the theme of socialist urban utopias.